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Dialectical Behaviour Therapy DBT Treatment Program


What is DBT?

DBT is an effective treatment for those who have difficulty controlling their emotions and behaviours.
DBT aims to replace problem behaviours with skilful behaviours.
DBT skills help people experience a range of emotions without necessarily acting on those emotions.
DBT skills help people navigate and improve relationships in their environment (family/school/work/peers). 


The ultimate goal of DBT is to help people develop a life worth living. 


What Does "Dialectical" Mean?

Dialectical = two opposite ideas can be true at the same time, and when considered together, can create a new truth and a new way of viewing the situation.


There is always more than one way to think about a situation.

Adult DBT Skills Training Group
The DBT Skills Group Programs will benefit those who experience and have difficulty with overwhelming and intense emotions that are extremely difficult to manage; difficulty with and maintaining relationships and friendships, impulsive or risky behaviours, and self-harming behaviours.


This program will also benefit those with a diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). The aims of this group program are to learn specific skills to manage crises, regulate emotions, build positive relationships with family and friends, manage distress and solve problems without engaging in destructive or unhelpful behaviours.  The group will teach adults the skill sets that they can use throughout their lifetime to help them cope with life struggles.  


The skills taught consist of four modules: 1. Mindfulness, 2. Distress Tolerance, 3. Emotion Regulation, 4. Interpersonal Effectiveness. The Adult DBT Skills Group runs for 2.5 hours for 20 weeks. Clients are required to complete all modules. The group is held at Willow Tree Felixstow. 


Next group commencing: October 2024

Individual Therapy
Every client has the option of being assigned an individual therapist from the DBT team for the duration of the program. Individual therapy sessions are scheduled for 50mins. The focus is on tracking emotions and behaviours and balancing acceptance with change via such techniques as a diary card and chain analysis.

DBT Skills Training Group for Adolescents

The DBT Skills Training Group for adolescents aims to teach both the young person and the caregiver the skills to improve communication and their relationship. It teaches specific skills to manage crises, regulate emotions, navigate and build positive relationships and solve problems without engaging in impulsive, risky or self-harming behaviours. The DBT skills have been adapted for the needs of teens and their caregivers.  

The skills taught consist of five modules: 1. Mindfulness (learn how to observe your feelings and thoughts, improve attention, make more skilful choices), 2. Distress Tolerance (learn how to get through difficult situations and not engage in impulsive behaviours that can make things worse), 3. Walking the Middle Path (learn how to find balance between opposite positions, learn to change difficult thoughts, emotions and situations whilst also balancing out acceptance of the current moment), 4. Emotion Regulation (learn about emotions, how to change them and how to develop a healthy lifestyle for healthy emotions), 5. Interpersonal effectiveness (learn to develop and improve relationships, cope better with difficult interpersonal situations, and increase self-respect).


The group is for young people aged 13-17. It is a 2 hour weekly group that runs for 20 weeks.  Caregiver sessions of 1.5 hours will occur once per module. The group will be held at Willow Tree Felixstow. For more information on DBT please view the following YouTube clip


Next group commencing: October 2024


Strong Roots Perinatal Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Group

For birthing parents during pregnancy and up to two years post-partum, to learn information and skills to aid during this important and demanding time of life, and beyond. This program addresses the specific emotional challenges that people may face during pregnancy and early parenthood including depression and anxiety, coping with physical and emotional changes, and adjusting to life as a parent.  You will learn skills in the 4 modules: Mindful Parenting, Restore My Balance, Co-regulation, and Tend to the Forest.

You will be involved in a weekly 2 hour group session running for 14 weeks. Non-mobile babies are very welcome! Every client also has the option of being assigned an individual therapist from the DBT team. 


Next group commencing: July 2024



Consult Team
Every member of the treating team is required to attend a weekly consultation meeting to ensure the best outcome for all participants of our program. 


No referral is required; however, a mental health care plan will be needed if wishing to access Medicare rebates. Under the Better Access initiative, eligible clients can receive up to 10 individual sessions and 10 group sessions in a calendar year with the partial cost of each session subsidised by Medicare. NDIS plan or Self-Managed funding.
Full group payment is required at the commencement of each group. Payment Plans can be offered for this service; payment plans need to be negotiated prior to commencing.


Additional Information
For further information about our DBT individual and group programs; fee information; referral information; or any other questions you may have, please contact our admin team at Willow Tree Psychology and Wellbeing at 08 8233 0828 or