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Willow Tree Psychology and Wellbeing - Adelaide Art Therapy

Art therapy is for everyone!


Willow Tree Psychology and Wellbeing are happy to welcome Art Therapy as part of our wellbeing services and is being offered to children, adolescents, young adults, and adults. Art therapy will be completed onsite at our practice at 481 Payneham Road, Felixstow, Adelaide, SA, 5070. 


You do not need to have any knowledge of techniques, or art materials, it’s all about the process. The focus of art therapy is expressive and will enable you to create art to empower your autonomy and uncover the strengths and resources that you already have within you.



You do not need a referral for art therapy sessions. We are able to accept private paying clients and NDIS participants (Self-Managed or Plan-Managed). Art therapy is not claimable through Medicare or Private Health. To request Art Therapy sessions, or make referrals, or to request any further information, please contact Willow Tree Psychology and Wellbeing and our admin team will be happy to assist.


Our Art Therapists


Amy Polglase

Art Therapist - Art Psychotherapist


My background is in primary school education, and on graduating from my teaching degree, I moved to the UK to work in the primary schools of South-East London for two years. On returning to Australia, I specialised as an Early Years teacher with a passion for the expressive arts. After 10 years in my career of teaching, working with children of all abilities, I decided I wanted to work one-on-one, supporting people through challenges they face. 


I began working in allied health in a private practice, assisting people with communication difficulties by creating and personalising augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) aids to support their language and connections. I am also one of the few presenters in South Australia, who provides training for simplified language which aims to provide clear and accessible communication resources for everyone.


I have a passion for equality and inclusiveness has led me to pursue and complete professional development courses on working with individuals on the Autism spectrum, specialist literacy programs and workshops on Mindfulness. Throughout school and university, I majored in Visual Art and I am passionate about the expressive arts as a modality of self-expression and a way to unlock the unconscious. The arts are there when we can’t find the words to say, or when words are not enough, and can offer new perspective. 


I am here to support you, as a facilitator, as we use art processes to gently unpack concerns, worries or stressors. I use a client-centred approach, building genuine connections with my clients as I support them to meet their therapeutic goals within a safe environment. 

Amy Polglase


Art Therapist

Art Psychotherapist


Diploma of Art Psychotherapy

Postgraduate Degree of Junior Primary & Primary Education (Specialising in Visual Arts)

Client Group

Child, Adolescent, Young Adults (16-25yrs), Adults