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Relationship Counselling


Does your relationship need realignment? Need help deciding to stay, take a break, or separate? 

Relationship Counselling and Couples Therapy


Relationships are at the heart of the most life affirming moments and sometimes the most challenging experiences. It’s common for relationships to experience difficulties however, some are more serious than others and require support to get back to your best. Common challenges in relationships include communication breakdown and conflict, disconnection and apathy, intimacy issues, financial stress, and infidelity. Working with a couple to address these challenges requires training in relationship dynamics. Couples therapists at Willow Tree Psychology are certified in Gottman method relationship counselling and work from the Sound Relationship House model. This is an evidence based intervention for resolving conflict and facilitating connection in relationships.


There are nine principles of Gottman method relationship counselling we focus on for change: 
1.    Trust
2.    Commitment
3.    Love maps and knowing one another’s inner world
4.    Fondness and admiration
5.    Turning towards each other
6.    Positive perspective
7.    Managing conflict
8.    Making and supporting each other’s life dreams
9.    Creating shared meaning 


According to relationship experts John and Julie Gottman there are four behaviours predictive of relationship breakdown: 1. Criticism, 2. Defensiveness, 3. Contempt, & 4. Stonewalling. Learning skills to avoid these behaviours is imperative for relationship success. This includes effective communication and learning to fight fair. Contrastingly, high functioning couples are loving, engaged and passionate which is built on a foundation of simple behaviours that are very hard to do consistently. It requires building trust and commitment, taking risks and sharing vulnerabilities. This in turn requires psychological safety to facilitate connection and avoid relationship burnout. When communication fails, it might be time to consider relationship counselling. With the help of our relationship therapists, you will learn to fight fair, reconnect and set new relationship goals. 


Initial appointments start with a couple appointment to assess and understand the dynamics within your relationship and highlight strengths and challenges. Follow up appointments involve both individual and combined appointments as needed. Relationship therapists at Willow Tree Psychology ensure all parties are heard and understood before starting treatment, typically this will be discussed during the third appointment. Relationship counsellors at Willow Tree Psychology provide relationship counselling services for all partnerships.