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Schema Therapy


Willow Tree Psychology and Wellbeing are happy to announce we will have an Accredited Advanced Schema Therapist joining our team. For further information about Schema Therapy; fee information; referral information; or any other questions you may have, please contact our admin team at Willow Tree Psychology and Wellbeing at 86465601 or 

What is Schema Therapy?

Schemas are core beliefs developed as a result of our early experiences. They have a long-standing impact on how we see others, ourselves, and the world. Schemas activate in times of stress and while false, feel true. A person may feel they will always be abandoned, are defective, or will face inevitable catastrophe, even if they know logically this is false. These beliefs feel core to us because they activate painful feelings, negative body sensations and unpleasant memories.


To cope with these unpleasant states, many engage in survival coping mechanisms such as avoidance, overthinking or people-pleasing. This usually makes things worse in the long run because survival mechanisms do not satiate our core psychological need to feel connected, competent, or emotionally safe.


The aim of Schema Therapy is to constructively satiate psychological needs, break self-defeating patterns and better manage painful feelings, not merely change thinking.